It wasn’t that Dhoni had placed in certain special effort in IPL

Dhoni is India’s most successful captain in every 3 formats – Tests, ODIs and T20Is. Dhoni has directed Team India in 331 games
(including Tests, ODIs and also T20Is) which is by any captain on earth. Took India into No.1 spot at Tests:

Ms dhoni captaincy record: It was end of April this year and ending of this Indian Premier League if every one in India was asserting that Mahendra
Singh Dhoni was the ideal captain,” India has ever had and perfect ruler to its twenty-twenty arrangement of the game. Reasons
being he keeps his cool when under great pressure, he’s innovative, he thinks well and leads his team by the front. Qualities
everyone can ask to get a priest of Indian Cricket team, at which Indians follow cricket far more tightly than anything else on
the planet. He had just led the team of Chennai Super Kings with their victory from the next IPL tournament. And he was
unquestionably the King in the eyes of critics, former players, BCCI, media and everyone else… Due to the immense quantity of
expertise and his ability to remain calm even in pressure situations, he’s earned the reputation of’Captain Cool’. Most
experienced skipper (Regarding games )

It wasn’t that Dhoni had placed in certain special effort in IPL that he didn’t put in the world cup. The difference if any has
been at the team he had been leading. The bunch of players that he had been heading! Why not give some slack to older players who
have already been out-of-form for a long period now? Why don’t you do it against all people have been cluttered on the field if it
had been running between the wickets or bowling throughout the essential T 20 worldcup match? Why do it against this captain?
Dhoni was that the captain of the Indian side when Team India became number 1 in Tests in 2009. India held the position for 11
months until England conquered them in 2011. Ms Dhoni Records: Many successful Indian captain: Every player has good and the bad
in their own livelihood. There are days when things go the right path and days when they do not! Why it really is that BCCI and
cricket critics in India have no trust in virtually any player? I’m not saying that they must not sack Dhoni out of his article,
that’s not the same argument, but the point I want to highlight is that throughout IPL final if matters were going in favour of
Chennai Super Kings and Dhoni, his own first captaincy was being appreciated by all and one. In 72 T20Is as captain, he won 42 and
lost 28 (2 no consequences ). In ODIs, he was at the helm for 199 matches, winning 1-10 and losing 74 (4 connected along with 1 1
no consequences ). And perhaps not even three weeks after, in mid could Team India made their in-famous exit from the TwentyTwenty
international worldcup along with all guns are aimed at the captain Dhoni. The same guy who had been commended by one and all, is
now at the point of being expelled as the captain of Indian team. What shifted in just a matter of 3 weeks? How does cricket
critics make some one’God’ one evening and pull down him the very next moment?